Ariana Grande & Ethan Slater haven’t even seen each other in person in ‘weeks’

Ariana Grande & Ethan Slater haven’t even seen each other in person in ‘weeks’

July 30, 2023

To recap what we know thus far, Ethan Slater and Ariana Grande’s affair began several months ago on the set of Wicked. While I believe Ariana’s marriage to Dalton Gomez was pretty much over in all but name, Slater was very much with his wife, Lilly Jay, at the time. Lilly and Ethan welcomed their first child last year, and Lilly and the baby even visited the London set of Wicked. Reportedly, Lilly even spoke to Ariana, let Ari hold the baby and talked to Ari about how Ari wants a baby. Ari was even “liking” Lilly’s Instagram posts at the same time Ari and Ethan were carrying on. Ethan reportedly only told Lilly about his affair just days before Ari’s team broke the news to People Mag. What followed that People Mag story has been non-stop drama, mostly because Lilly Jay is not going away quietly. Lilly spoke on the record to Page Six, saying that Ariana is “not a girl’s girl” and that the real story is Ariana and Dalton’s split. Ethan and Ari then ran straight to TMZ to complain:

Ethan Slater may be done with his marriage, but he “desperately” wants to co-parent his nearly 1-year-old child with soon-to-be ex-wife Lilly Jay … sources connected to Ethan tell TMZ. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Ethan has been talking to Lilly daily, mostly about their little boy. We’re told Ethan spent a lot of time with his son in London after he had split with Lilly, and is determined to have a major presence in the boy’s life.

Our sources say Lilly told Ethan repeatedly she was down with co-parenting. Ethan, we’re told, asked Lilly about issuing a joint statement saying they were committed to co-parenting their son, but Lilly wanted to defer releasing the statement, at least for now.

We’re also told Lilly had assured Ethan she didn’t know where various media leaks were emanating from, so he was more than surprised to read Thursday that Lilly spoke with Page Six, calling Ariana Grande “not a girl’s girl,” adding her family was “collateral damage.”

Sources tell us Lilly told Ethan she did not understand what it meant that she was on the record when she made the comments. It’s unclear what Lilly’s position is regarding co-parenting, but Ethan adamantly wants to raise his son.

TMZ broke the story … Ethan filed for divorce on Wednesday. If they’re at odds on who raises the child, ultimately a judge will decide.

[From TMZ]

This is the dumbest, most obvious deflection from Ethan Slater, a man who cheated on his recently postpartum wife with Ariana Grande. “Let’s talk about co-parenting!” No, let’s talk about how you’re carrying on with Ariana Grande behind your wife’s back and you’ve been lying about it and publicly gaslighting your wife about when your marriage fell apart. Meanwhile, Ariana wants everyone to know that she’s not even hanging out with Ethan at the moment:

Ariana Grande hasn’t seen her boyfriend Ethan Slater in person for awhile … because he’s preoccupied with his estranged wife and their divorce, and she’s giving him space to work things out.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Ariana and her ‘Wicked’ costar haven’t been in the same city for several weeks. Ethan’s currently in New York, trying to navigate the end of his marriage with estranged wife, Lilly Jay.

Our sources say Ariana is coming to Los Angeles this weekend. We’re told she and Ethan want to see each other, but that’s not in the cards for the immediate future.

While Ariana and Ethan haven’t spent time in person for a minute now, our sources say they are 100% still dating.

[From TMZ]

This story came out about a day after the Daily Mail published exclusive photos of Ethan and Ariana walking arm-in-arm together in the UK, at the Soho Farmhouse. Those photos are from three weeks before Ari’s people revealed her relationship/affair with Ethan. So… Ari has been alone in London this week, furiously briefing the media about her dramatic affair, all while Ethan has been in New York, and he’s also furiously briefing the media. Meanwhile, Lilly has been telling her story far and wide to ensure that Ari’s narrative isn’t the only one out there. Such chaos… Ari definitely isn’t bored. Yet. That’s the thing, though – while I’m 100% behind Lilly doing and saying whatever she wants, the minute that she stops engaging with Ariana and ignores the whole situation is when Ariana will get bored and dump Ethan.

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