Ant and Dec on I’m A Celeb’s Shaun and Gillian new friendship

Ant and Dec on I’m A Celeb’s Shaun and Gillian new friendship

April 29, 2023

Shaun Ryder, 60, seemed aware of his exit as Gillian McKeith, 63, refused to undertake the challenge of putting her hand into the mystery box.

Earlier this week, Gillian made headlines for smuggling contraband into the programme.

Previously the Scottish writer smuggled in salt and 85 teabags, and on this season, she brought in herbs and spices.

One fan replied: “My heart has broken for Shaun yet it has jumped for joy for Gillian, thank god she’s gone!”

However, this year’s contestants and the show’s new format have divided fans who stated they would not continue watching.

One user commented: “Not watching now I know its not live and recorded last year. Its just not the same.” (sic)

Another added: “Used to love I’m a Celeb – but can’t even bring myself to watch it now. Having Matt Hancock on as a “celeb” now means it’s done for me.” (sic)

Users commented: “Noooo way….switching it off now… I’m a celebrity need to rethink here.” (sic)

Many were confused about how the public could not vote, adding that “the producers [were] basically deciding everything!”

Another confusing element of the show was the unlikely friendship between Gillian and Shaun.

Gillian questioned whether Shaun had a “brain transplant” after the duo didn’t fight.

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Learning about his addition to the show, she was initially “horrified” because they had been “kind of [a] nemesis in 2010”.

However, after exchanging greetings, Gillian said she “felt something shifted even in that moment,” saying, “He was very welcoming to me, actually.” (sic)

The pair previously clashed in 2010 when Shaun became annoyed at Gillian’s complaining, calling her “a f****** irritating woman”.

The TV personality retaliated by calling him out: “You say nasty things all the time… your tone, everything. The way you speak to everyone.”

Following their departure, the Happy Monday’s singer shared a photo of the pair with his over 97,500 Instagram followers: “Shaun and Gillian bonded doing the Chest Challenge together. It’s the start of a beautiful friendship!”

Whilst the two appear to have made peace, some fans are wondering whether it was for show stating: “Gutted for Shaun but I do think he knew what he was doing and took one for the team.” (sic)

Another added: “You’re hero for sacrificing your time in there to get rid of her.” (sic)

I’m A Celebrity South Africa airs weekdays on ITV1 and ITVX at 9pm.

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