Anastasiya Kvitko, Social Media’s ‘Russian Kim Kardashian,’ Teases Topless Adventures In Latest Insta Video

Anastasiya Kvitko, Social Media’s ‘Russian Kim Kardashian,’ Teases Topless Adventures In Latest Insta Video

December 6, 2018

Instagram starlets are always doing their best to up the ante on the social media site to build their base of followers and transition that fandom into other, more lucrative opportunities. For the site’s “Russian Kim Kardashian” Anastasiya Kvitko, that was certainly the case with the latest video she shared via her Instagram Stories.

Most of Anastasiya Kvitko’s recent Instagram posts have been relatively tame. She’s typically showcasing her extreme hourglass figure by wearing outfits by her favorite brands, and those outfits usually are revealing or snug enough to showcase her curvy derriere and bosom but provide a fair amount of coverage.

However, Kvitko has been known to show off her figure in lingerie and bikinis frequently on the social media site. Now, her latest Insta Stories post is teasing fans with a short video clip more along those lines.

In the very brief video clip, Anastasiya is essentially topless as she holds a lingerie bodysuit up against her breasts. The black or brown bodysuit is covering her lower half, but she has the top part of the piece cupped in her hands and she is holding it against her busty bosom.

As is her signature style, Kvitko is looking off to the side and away from the camera as she turns her body side-to-side to flaunt her figure. Anastasiya is giving a particularly pouty facial expression as she shows off her curves and she leaves little to the imagination when it comes to her barely-covered chest.

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Kvitko teases that if fans want to see more than what she’s teasing in this short clip, then they should make sure to download her app where she shares more risque content. As many Instagram models do these days, Anastasiya entices fans to pay for more revealing photos and videos via websites, apps, and other mediums.

As the Inquisitr recently shared, the “Russian Kim Kardashian” starlet just celebrated her birthday and she she seemingly had a blast. Kvitko partied in both Las Vegas and Miami as she embraced turning 24-years-old and it certainly looks like she’s ready to go big during the coming year.

The Instagram model and entrepreneur has made it clear that she’s aiming high and has lofty goals, and her 9.1 million followers on the social media site are ready to support her every step of the way. Will Anastasiya Kvitko eventually become more recognizable than Kim Kardashian, as she’s boldly claimed will be the case some day? She seems determined to make it happen and she certainly seems to be well on her way to success.

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