Amanda Bynes Flees From Sober Living Facility (Report)

Amanda Bynes Flees From Sober Living Facility (Report)

December 13, 2019

Amanda Bynes is reportedly no longer at her sober living facility.

Not only that, but she has reportedly dropped out of school and stopped complying with her court-ordered conservatorship, according to The Blast on Thursday (December 12).

According to the report, Amanda left the facility – which had guidelines for drug testing, curfew and mental health treatment – last week, and it’s not clear where she’s living now.

Amanda reportedly refused to accept help from her parents, or to return to treatment. They are now reportedly asking the court to help get her back into treatment.

Amanda reportedly plans to remove her mother as conservator and have a third party placed in charge. She’s also currently not working according to the report, and dropped out of additional schooling after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising back in June.

Her family is reportedly concerned that someone may take advantage of her without monitoring, and that her finances may be in jeopardy. They are also worried that she could be abusing drugs again, and “want to make sure they can get her help before something terrible happens.”

She previously admitted to abusing Adderall in previous interviews, and said she used cocaine and ecstasy on a recreational basis.

Amanda is reportedly inside a courtroom with her parents, and the story is still developing.

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