All The Best Cosplay From 2023 San Diego Comic-Con

All The Best Cosplay From 2023 San Diego Comic-Con

July 21, 2023

This year’s Comic-Con is in full gear down in San Diego, and tons of folks look ready for the big screen … dressing up as characters from some of 2023’s biggest movies and TV shows.

The convention kicked off Thursday and the cosplay is on point yet again … there’s lots of folks going as Barbie and Ken, plus a family who went all Indiana Jones, and Mario and Peach’s mushroom kingdom is getting a strong showing.

There’s also some Oppenheimer looks … with some folks even going up against their Barbie counterparts … plus super heroes from all different universes.

Naturally, Star Wars is well represented too … there’s Mandalorians galore and even some Grogus.

The classic comic book characters are getting some love too … because Batman and Robin never get old.

Check out the gallery … it looks like a seriously fun time.

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