Alice Evans Shares Throwback Photo With 'Adulterous' Hubby Ioan Gruffudd & Blasts 'Home-Wrecker' GF

Alice Evans Shares Throwback Photo With 'Adulterous' Hubby Ioan Gruffudd & Blasts 'Home-Wrecker' GF

November 4, 2021

As you’ve probably heard, Alice Evans is not taking being abandoned by her cheatin’ husband lying down!

The Vampire Diaries alum has been vocal since January about how her partner of 20 years (husband of 13), Ioan Gruffudd, had apparently all of a sudden abandoned her and their daughters. Despite a sea of haters, she has continued to speak out on her estranged hubby: she says he refused to talk to her, was gaslighting their daughters, and — she suspected — was with a secret other woman.

Last week we finally learned the Fantastic Four star had indeed begun a relationship with — cliché of clichés — a woman twenty years younger, as he went Instagram official with an actress named Bianca Wallace.

Alice has, understandably, blasted the coupling, which she firmly contends is still “an adulterous relationship” as she an Ioan are not actually divorced. (The 50-year-old also strongly suspects it’s been going on since at least summer of 2020, which if true makes it cheating by anyone’s definition.)

On Wednesday she put up a throwback pic of happier times with her ex, but the sentiment was less of the waxing nostalgic variety and more of the ax grindy kind as she captioned it:

“Oops! This came up when I was going through old photos. No offence to the ‘New Girfriend’”



A post shared by Alice Evans (@aliceevansgruff)

That is along with a more direct blasting of Bianca, who apparently started out as an extra on the set of Ioan’s Australian TV show before getting a bigger part — so to speak, on Alice’s bio, which now reads:

“Not a home-wrecker.”

Her Twitter bio is even explicit in its targeting as it was changed to the cheeky:

“I do not sleep with married men.
I do not wreck homes
I do not ruin little kids’ lives.

I did used to smoke though;)”

Ouch! About whom could she be talking, we wonder…

And the 102 Dalmatians star is standing behind her decision to drag Bianca publicly. In response to a UK tabloid headline accusing her of throwing around “‘homewrecker’ slurs” Alice doubled down, tweeting:

“Guys why is it a slur’ if she actually IS a home-wrecker? If you don’t want criticism, stay away from married men w/kids. I’m speaking up for ALL women who get cheated on.”

She also wrote:

“The abject CRUELTY that the media is heaping on me is crushing.

But I will NOT give up.

Fuck you tabloids.

He CHEATED ON ME while I was looking after his kids 8,000 miles away. Of course I’m furious”

As for those who blame love and its unpredictability, well, she has a response for them, too! She replied to commenters:

“I don’t want him back. But my heart aches and bleeds for my children who’ve lost the safety of ‘family

This wasn’t necessary. And even if it was a coup de foudre, it should have been addressed as such when it happened, rather than telling as all crazy stories for a year or more”

It’s a good point. While meeting someone else and breaking up with her would have been an injury to be sure, that’s not what she’s accusing Ioan of. According to Alice, her Mr. Fantastic lied about it for months and is still lying about it to his daughters. You definitely can’t blame that on the follies of love at first sight.

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