After ‘Queen of Versailles,’ Jackie Siegel to release drug addiction doc

After ‘Queen of Versailles,’ Jackie Siegel to release drug addiction doc

March 20, 2019

Jackie and David Siegel are working on a documentary about their life after their daughter Victoria’s accidental drug overdose in 2015.

“I’ve been having a camera girl follow us around — starting from [Victoria’s] funeral,” Jackie recently told Page Six. “We’re working on a documentary so that’ll be something we can announce probably in a month or so.”

“It’s about how me and my husband, when we went up to Washington D.C. It shows us at the funeral, in the graveyard with the whole family. And it also shows some of the people that we’ve helped.”

Jackie, 53, and David, 83, became advocates for educating parents about drug addiction in the wake of Victoria’s death, with David telling Page Six that they even spoke to committees in Washington D.C. to get a bill passed under the Obama administration.

Jackie noted that they are currently looking for a distributor for the project and they are not using the same production crew from “Queen of Versailles.”

“This was a very personal and emotional time for us and no one in my family wanted cameras around or anything because they just have a fear of people putting us in a bad light,” she explained. “So I just had a friend that I trusted with [being] non-intrusive that I had come in and she was good with the kids and stuff. So it’s going to be quite amazing. I really think people will really want to watch that.”

The couple also published Victoria’s diary as an addiction-recovery-memoir entitled “Victoria’s Voice” earlier this month.

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