A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton details ‘crazy’ show party ‘This is weird’

A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton details ‘crazy’ show party ‘This is weird’

May 11, 2021

Jasmine Harman meets Laura Hamilton at the gym

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A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton, 39, has opened up on a party attended by presenters of the Channel 4 hit property show, explaining that it was “weird” they were all together at the same time. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the star discussed the bond the cast of the close-knit team have, despite never directly working with each other.

All of the presenters were in the same room and it was hilarious

Laura Hamilton

Addressing the effect that the coronavirus pandemic has had on the show’s ability to film abroad, Laura addressed the practicalities of last year.

“We were able to film a bit last year abroad,” she said.

“Obviously the film was shown in a very different way, with social distancing,” the star continued.

The favourite presenter went on to say that despite facing difficulties, filming the show during the pandemic was a success.

“But it really worked, the production team was fantastic, it was so well organised everyone was kept safe,” she said.

The fitness influencer went on to reveal that despite not directly filming the show with her co-hosts, she’s closest to Jasmine Harman, 45, as she only lives “10 minutes down the road”.

Recently, the pair have taken to social media to reveal that they’ve been bumping into each other at their local gym.

Laura continued: “I talk to Jonnie [Irwin] and we will occasionally see each other at exhibitions.

“But in terms of everyone else we don’t [see each other] because we’re either abroad or at home, so we’re sort of like ships in the night with the way it works,” she added.

However, the star went on to reminisce about one “crazy” party which saw them all get together.

“Not last Christmas, but the Christmas before we actually had a Christmas party and it was crazy,” she explained.

“The only person that wasn’t there was Ben [Hillman],” Laura recalled.

The star continued: “But all of the presenters were in the same room and it was hilarious – even the editors were like, ‘Oh my God, this is weird’.

“They’re only ever used to seeing our faces on screen,” she added.

Yesterday, the newest addition to the A Place In The Sun family, Lee Juggurnauth, made his debut appearance on the show.

The star took to social media to reveal that for his first show, he was house hunting in Spanish town Gandia.

Recently, Laura opened up on the decision to sell her family business, The Lord Roberts On The Green.

The star set the record straight on why she has decided it was finally time to sell her coffee shop, while hinting at exciting new projects in the works.

Laura said: “The reason why we’re selling the shop is because everything that I’ve done [with property] since I was 19 is buying and selling.”

She continued: “Obviously there’s a part of me that’s sad, as the staff that work here make it what it is, it really is a family rather than just staff that work for a coffee shop.

“So I’m more sad about that more than anything else, but it’s what I do,” she added.

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