A Place In The Sun presenter hits out at ‘k**b’ Piers Morgan after ‘premature’ post

A Place In The Sun presenter hits out at ‘k**b’ Piers Morgan after ‘premature’ post

April 18, 2019

During the game, Manchester City player Raheem Sterling, 24, scored a goal which was later disallowed resulting in a Tottenham Hotspur victory. Arsenal fan Piers Morgan, 53, flocked to Twitter to comment on the game, simply writing: “STERLINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!”(sic) In response to the Good Morning Britain star’s tweet, another user commented: “Twitter needs to add a VAR feature that holds your tweet in draft for 30 seconds whilst the footage is checked. “Then if the decision is reversed your Tweet is auto deleted to stop you posting it onto your feed and looking like a k**b.”

That particular k**b would require a delay of around 50 years.

Jonnie Irwin

Weighing in on the comment, A Place In The Sun presenter Jonnie Irwin, 45, replied: “That particular k**b would require a delay of around 50 years.”

Other social media users commented on Piers’ tweet, with one writing: “This is my favourite tweet ever. #premature.”

A second penned: “Hahahahahahahahahahaha.”

After realising Sterling’s goal was disallowed, he followed up his tweet writing: “NOOOOOOOOOOO.”

Following the end result, Piers added: “I preferred football when Spurs would lose in the last second to a dodgy offside goal.

“Damn you, VAR – you’ve ruined everything.”

He added the result is “heartbreaking” for Arsenal fans in fear of their rivals beating them to winning Europe’s premier competition.

Elsewhere, earlier this month, Jonnie gave an insight into filming for the Channel 4 property show on Twitter.

He shared a video of a stunning villa in Spain, with the message: “If they don’t buy this place, they’re mad.”

Jonnie captioned the video: “With a budget of £250k this 3/4 bed villa has to be a contender no? #spain #propertyhunter.”

One of his Twitter followers commented: “Lovely views, whereabouts is it?”

But remaining tight-lipped about the property, he added: “I cant’t say yet as I want my clients to buy it!!!”

The Twitter user responded: “Haha understood. Wish I was in a position to grab it but I’m torn between Spain and Cyprus.

“There’s a new show idea, Away or Away.”

Jonnie replied: “You joke but I’ve already pitched that idea!”

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