’90 Day Fiance’ Star Paul Staehle Claims He Receives Death Threats From Wife Karine Martins’ Friends

’90 Day Fiance’ Star Paul Staehle Claims He Receives Death Threats From Wife Karine Martins’ Friends

August 14, 2020

The 37-year-old TLC personality also alleges in court documents that his estranged wife, with whom he shares 16-month-old son Pierre together, puts broken glass in his food.

AceShowbiz -The relationship between “90 Day Fiance” star Paul Staehle and his estranged wife Karine Martins continues to get nastier. Paul has made shocking new claims against Karine, accusing her of trying to get him hurt.

“I previously found glass in my food,” Paul claimed in court documents obtained by Us Weekly and submitted on July 30. “I found similar glass shards from an item she broke.”

The 37-year-old also alleged that Karine’s “friends have been calling me threatening to come to my home and kill me. They requested I pay them $10,000 or I would never see my son again.” Alluding that she may not be a good mom, Paul said that the Brazil native allowed their 16-month-old son, Pierre, “to run in the street [and] get into chemical cabinets.”

He also claimed that Karine “assaulted” him, adding that he could use the footage to “prove my innocence” as the alleged incident was filmed by a security camera. “I fear for my wife’s safety and mental well-being. I fear for my son’s safety,” he said. A judge then ordered Karine to cease communication with Paul and stay 500 feet away from him.

Earlier this month, the pair made headlines after Paul said on social media that Karine “took off with Pierre and I don’t know where they are” as they were seen driving a car with no car seat. He shared on Instagram Stories that he was “scared” and “really upset” because his wife left their home with their 16-month-old son after the pair fought. He said that the sheriff’s department visited him as “they are looking for Karine. Karine is missing, they don’t know where she’s at. If anybody sees her please contact the Jefferson County sheriff’s department.”

Later, Karine broke her silence, saying, “All this past days I had a lot going on. I had issues where the police was called because I feared for my life and my son’s life which led me to ask for help and ultimately be rescued from an environment that no longer was healthy for none of us involved in the situation.”

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