Watch David Goggins and Cam Hanes Do a Challenging Chest and Bicep Workout

Watch David Goggins and Cam Hanes Do a Challenging Chest and Bicep Workout

September 19, 2021

It’s hard to imagine a more intense gym partner than ultra-endurance athlete and former Navy SEAL David Goggins. The 46-year-old bestselling author of Can’t Hurt Me is known for bringing his distinctive, no-excuses brand of all-out effort to every workout.

If there’s one man we’d put money on being able to match Goggins rep for rep, however, it might be fellow ultrarunner (and Joe Rogan favorite) Cam Hanes. Hanes, 53, a backcountry bowhunter and ultrarunner himself who is known for logging an average of 22 miles a day, every week, recently joined Goggins for what appears to have been a rigorous chest and arm workout session.

As one commenter joked, “How long was this workout? My guess is 3-4 days with these two.” In the brief clip, which Hanes shared to his Instagram account on Thursday afternoon, the duo are shown getting in some reps on the bench press while wearing matching shirts emblazoned with the phrase, “You don’t know me, son!”

From there, they transition to free weights for a set of dumbbell presses. “Arms every day, biceps, you gotta get those gains,” Hanes says, while Goggins goes into full hype man mode. In one of the final clips, the pair finishes off their session with some banded bicep curls.

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As the video ends, Goggins turns to the camera for one last bit of motivational bravado to send viewers off—delivered, of course, in his signature, sensitivity-be-damned style.

“Motherf–kers think they can just say, I’ll be ready when the time presents itself,” he shouts. “F–k that, motherfu–er!”

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