Watch a Beard Model Show You How to Pull Off Henry Cavill\u2019s Epic \u2018Beardstache\u2019

Watch a Beard Model Show You How to Pull Off Henry Cavill\u2019s Epic \u2018Beardstache\u2019

May 31, 2021

The tale of Henry Cavill’s mustache is, by now, a saga well-cemented in the Hollywood mythos. The actor grew a thick, luxurious ‘tache for his role in the 2018 action blockbuster Mission: Impossible: Fallout, in which he played CIA agent August Walker. This was a grooming choice which ended up reverberating throughout the entertainment industry, as Cavill was then called back to the set of Justice League to do reshoots as Superman.

Time constraints in Cavill’s schedule were so tight that he ended up filming his scenes with the mustache, and then his facial hair was digitally removed in post-production, leading to some truly haunting images of an uncannily smooth top lip. The mustache became immortalized in meme form, and VFX artists even digitally reinserted the ‘tache back into the movie when the Snyder Cut was released. Cavill, for his part, paid tribute to his “KingStache” when he shaved it off, saying: “I will remember him, always.”

But what many of these perspectives lack is the simple takeaway that Cavill looked damned good with that facial hair. So good, in fact, that some guys are still considering trying out the look for themselves. In a video on the Beardbrand channel, beard model Carlos Costa demonstrates how to quickly and easily give yourself that same stubble-and-mustache combo—or “beardstache,” if we’re getting specific—using just a pair of clippers.

As Cavill’s stubble is incredibly short in the movie, the first thing Costa does is shave his own neck and face right down using a number one guard. “Bye, soul patch,” he says, shearing everything down to the shortest layer of stubble apart from his mustache and sideburns.

He then shows how to recreate Cavill’s slicked hairstyle with a slightly curled forelock from the film, providing your hair is long enough, using a small amount of hair balm on damp hair and then blowdrying it for hold. All in all, the look can be achieved in a matter of minutes. Just remember that your own beardstache is unlikely to go down in history like Cavill’s.

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