TikTok's "Finger Eyeliner" Hack Is My Secret to a Perfect Wing

TikTok's "Finger Eyeliner" Hack Is My Secret to a Perfect Wing

April 25, 2023

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

I have always been hopeless with eyeliner. My contour game is on point and my foundation always looks almost flawless, but eyeliner? Hard no. I have slightly downturned eyes that are also a bit hooded, and whenever I try drawing on a wing, I can’t get the angle quite right. Whether it’s with an angled brush, a liquid liner, or a soft pencil, the outcome is always the same (read: bad). I recently tested a TikTok filter that’s supposed to help you find your perfect liner position, and although it worked well for me, whipping out my phone and sticking it on a tripod every time I want to create a cat eye isn’t realistic.

So when I saw a couple of TikTok videos from user Bex Campbell where she showed how to get the perfect winged liner using just your fingers, I knew I had to test it out.

I’m obsessed #linerhacks

In Bex’s videos, there are two different ways she does her “finger eyeliner.” In the first method, Bex puts her pointer finger at the corner of her eye, nail pointed down, and says, “Wherever you can feel the pressure, that’s where you’re going to put your pencil liner.” From there, she draws a tiny dot of brown eyeliner onto her pointer finger, places it in the same spot near her eye, then swipes her finger upward and outward. The result is a perfect winged liner.

Replying to @Nour Mazeh love this way too! #linerhacks

In the second technique, Bex shows a slightly different variation of her first hack. She explains that if it’s difficult to find where to place the dot and your finger, instead, place a dot of liner into the outer corner of your eye (versus your finger), then swipe upward and outward with your fingertip. The end result is the same.

After watching Bex’s videos twice, I decided to try both methods to see which one works better for me. Before doing anything, I made sure to wash my hands with soap and water to ensure they were clean prior to touching my face. Then, I tested the first variation on my left eye and the second on my right eye.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

With the technique where I put eyeliner onto my finger and then swiped it, I had to repeat the process a few times, otherwise, I just ended up with a big dot of pigment in the corner of my eye. The liner also wasn’t as pigmented as I’d prefer. However, I will say: it looked 10 times better than my eyeliner does when I draw it on freehand.

To test the other option, I put a small dot of liner in the outer corner of my eye, then swiped upward and outward with my finger. This version worked out better for me and gave me a nice wing — almost as if I had drawn it on with an angled brush. Plus, it was much more pigmented than my first attempt.

In both instances, I was pretty shocked at how well the eyeliner hack worked (despite a few minimal issues). I literally said, “Holy sh*t,” under my breath each time I tried it.

For both trials, I used the Neen Side Eye Liner ($19) in black, which is my current favorite because it glides across my lids without pulling on my skin. It is also easy to smudge but locks in place once you get it where you want it.

If you’ve been struggling to master eyeliner, I can guarantee this hack will work wonders. So, what are you waiting for?

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