This $7 Brow Pencil Stays On as Well as Pricier Ones, According to Shoppers

This $7 Brow Pencil Stays On as Well as Pricier Ones, According to Shoppers

August 31, 2020

If you prefer the look of a full brow, realizing you left the house without filling in your eyebrows can feel a little like going out in public naked. (I, for one, have done this on more than one occasion and turned myself right around mid-commute.) One can, and should never, underestimate the power of a good brow pencil and the magic it can lend in defining the arches that reside above your eyes. 

The best part is that unlike some beauty staples, you really don’t need to invest in a pricey product to get quality results. In fact, Amazon shoppers have pointed out L'Oréal Paris’ Brow Stylist Definer Waterproof Pencil as a budget-friendly favorite for creating great brows. 

With more than 7,500 reviews , the popular pencil stands out amid the retailer’s vast beauty category. It’s an ultra-fine mechanical-style brow pencil that’s both waterproof and ophthalmologist-tested, meaning it’s designed to make natural, defined swipes to fill in brows and isn’t harmful if a little ends up in your eye. Shoppers have even called the $7 pencil a dupe for formulas from pricier brands. 

“I love this eyebrow pencil! I have thick eyebrows, but like to fill in the sparse spots to give me a more polished look,” raved one reviewer . “I’ve tried Anastasia Dipbrow before but find this pencil so much easier to work with. I have brown hair and dark eyebrows… The pencil itself goes on smoothly and I have never had any issues with the tip breaking. Highly recommend!” 

What makes the brow pencil even more of a favorite is the wide range of shades it’s available in. Unlike other pencils that come in just light and dark options, L’Oréal’s formula is available in seven different hues suited for both cool and warm undertones for a truly natural blend. It’s a big reason why shoppers are ditching their old ways for good. 

“I used to use black to fill in my brows but it was just… too intense,” another reviewer shared . “Any brown I tried was always too light and noticeable. This is the perfect in-between and looks so natural. Super easy to apply and stays in place all day and it’s not greasy like some others I’ve tried. Love that it doesn’t need sharpening too (who has time for that right?!)

I have gone through about four of these already and have now subscribed as I realize it’s the best!”

You heard it here first. Head to Amazon to grab the brow pencil thousands of shoppers are swearing by. 

L'Oreal Paris Makeup Brow Stylist Definer Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

Shop now: $7 (Originally $8);

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