This 3-step method will help you achieve perfect blusher every time

This 3-step method will help you achieve perfect blusher every time

February 24, 2022

Written by Alice Porter

Sceptical of blusher and don’t know where to start? This TikTok explains the three different shades of blusher and how to use them.

Blusher gets a bit of a bad reputation, with many people scared to even use it. When the beauty world became obsessed with contouring in the 2010s, blush not only became redundant in people’s beauty routines but something many actively avoided in order to achieve that sculpted, waxwork-esque look. But now, blusher has made a comeback and for good reason – it not only compliments your natural complexion but you can also use it to help sculpt your face.

If you don’t know where start with blusher, don’t worry – it’s simple to use. In fact, a viral TikTok created by @reesepiecexo takes you through everything you need to know about blusher as a beginner in under two minutes. The video explains that there are three different shades of blush: a contouring shade, a brightening shade and a neutral tone. Each of them can be used together to create the perfect blusher look.

Intrigued? Here’s what each of these shades means and how to use them…

Contouring shade 

“The countering shade should be darker than your skin tone. It has more of a grey tone – almost like a contour palette,” the creator of the TikTok explains.

Place this shade on the outer perimeters of your face to help give it a more defined and a sculpted look. The TikTok warns against applying this shade of blush on the centre of your cheeks, as this could make them look sunken and hollowed out.

Brightening shade 

Next, there’s a brightening shade that should be lighter than your skin tone in order to brighten and expand your face.

“It’s best to place [the brightening shade] in the centre of your cheeks to really brighten, lift and make it pop,” the make-up artist explains. Unlike with the contouring shade, you should avoid placing this colour on the outer perimeters of your face, as this will have the effect of widening your face.

Neutral tone 

The final shade of blusher recommended in the TikTok is a neutral tone, which should be close to your natural skin tone. This is a good shade for beginners to start out with as it’s easy to use and blend. Plus, according to this TikTok, it will look good on both the inner and outer sections of your cheeks, so it’s easy to apply.

Super simple, right? This tutorial proves that blusher really is the new contour, which is lucky for us, as it’s definitely easier to apply. With only three shades of blusher, it’s an easy way to level up your make-up routine. Why not give it a try?

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