These Pore Strips Suck Out Even My Biggest Blackheads in One Go

These Pore Strips Suck Out Even My Biggest Blackheads in One Go

February 26, 2021

I've tried my hand at many pore minimizing treatments, from clay masks to clarifying toners. While I initially saw promising results, eventually my large pores and blackheads would simply return. Whether city pollution or my oily skin is to blame, it was apparent my complexion needed a powerful boost beyond what I'd been trying. Therefore, I turned towards one of the most highly rated pore strips on the internet: Peace Out Pores. 

Peace Out Skincare boasts a complete line of products that target a variety of skin concerns, but its pore strips deserve the most recognition. The set comes complete with four individual treatments that include one nose strip and one larger face strip that can be placed on the forehead, chin, or cheeks. After four to six hours of wear, the strip gently peels away to reveal all the horrifying gunk that's been sucked out of your pores. All it takes is one use to notice a significant difference.

Peace Out Pores

But these strips go beyond clearing out unwanted blackheads and reducing pore size. Each treatment contains absorptive hydrocolloid polymer technology, a wound healer that is capable of shedding dead skin cells, minimizing blemishes, and soaking up excess oil. DMAE, an organic compound readily used in skincare products, drastically reduces each speck's size, while vitamin A smooths over bumpy texture and prevents future clogged pores from forming. They not only provide results within hours, but they have your complexion's back in the long run, too. 

Peace Out Pores

Shop now: $19;

I'm not the only one who has seen incredible results. Plenty of shoppers are hooked on how easily the strips correct congested pores without drying out or irritating their skin. Many reviewers recommend putting them on before bed to wake up to a clearer, smoother face that lasts.   

"Amazing! I've used two of the packs so far and wow," wrote one shopper. "It's gross, but also cool to see all the gunk that comes out. I also like how the strips aren't paper, so they're not rough on my skin."

"This product is fantastic as a preventative measure for stopping zits," said another. "Whenever I see a zit popping up, I just cut the pore strip up to place over the budding zits. I let it sit overnight and in the morning, my zit is basically gone! I also regularly use the blackhead strip and it pulls out gunk I didn't even know was there. 10/10, I am buying again."

You can grab a set of four treatments for $19 on the Peace Out Skincare website. Trust me, they are worth every penny. 

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