The T3 Aireluxe Blow Dryer Cut My Typical Drying Time in Half

The T3 Aireluxe Blow Dryer Cut My Typical Drying Time in Half

July 15, 2022

  • T3 recently launched a brand-new hair dryer, the Aireluxe.
  • The hair tool promises to give users a frizz-free, voluminous blowout.
  • Our editor tested the hair dryer, so keep reading for her results.

I recently spent a few nights at a hotel, and I skipped out on bringing my blow dryer with me because I can usually find one stored in the bathroom. I used to be the type of person who believed a hair dryer was a hair dryer and a $12 product could do the same as a $300 product, but boy, was I wrong. Something about this hotel hair tool honestly scarred me for life. Not only did it take a good 30 minutes to dry my hair completely, but it also left my hair looking like a frizzy mess, with tons of knots and zero shine. Normally, I can leave the house after only blow-drying my hair, but I ended up requiring the help of a flat iron and a curling iron before I deemed my hair worthy of being seen in public.

My story might sound dramatic (OK, it kind of is), but over the last few years, I’ve made a commitment to take good care of my hair. That means I stopped overwashing, I started hair oiling and using products that had healthy ingredients, and I invested in hair tools that would keep my hair in tip-top shape. Enter: the T3 Aireluxe Hair Dryer ($200).

The T3 Aireluxe Hair Dryer is a sleek blow dryer that comes with all of the bells and whistles. It has five different heat settings, three different speed settings, a volume boost switch, a lock-in cool shot (more on that later), and an extra-long nine-foot cord. It’s basically the Cadillac of hair dryers. It also comes with two different attachments, so you can customize the amount of airflow and minimize heat exposure.

I have fine, frizzy hair, so when I read that this blow dryer was great at minimizing frizz while keeping hair looking shiny and feeling soft, I knew I wanted to test it out. When it comes to what I like in a blow dryer, I look for lightweight tools that are quick when it comes to drying my hair and easy to use. The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the packaging was how lightweight it was, which was a huge plus — there’s nothing more annoying than a heavy, cumbersome hair tool. After turning it on, I noticed how speedy it was, even on the lowest setting.

Although I’ve never really had an issue with the length of cords on my hair tools, the fact that the Aireluxe comes with an extra-long cord was surprisingly one of my favorite features. I was able to move around freely and easily, and I wasn’t constantly tugging on the cord in an attempt to gain more length. Another feature that I was surprised to like so much was the lock-in cool shot. I love using the cool-shot option on my hair after blow-drying to help set the style, but I find it extremely annoying to have to hold the button down the entire time. On the Aireluxe, all I had to do was press the button once, and it blasted cool air until I pressed the button again. Talk about a feature I never knew how much I needed!

After using the Aireluxe just once, I knew I had found a winner. It dried my hair quickly (it genuinely cut my typical drying time in half), and it absolutely minimized the amount of frizz I’m used to seeing after blow-drying my hair. Plus, it left my hair softer and shinier than it’s ever been after using a hot tool. I’ve used it many times since my initial trial, and it’s quickly become my favorite blow dryer and hands down the best one I’ve tried in years. I love using it with a round brush like the T3 Volume 2.5 Round Brush ($35) to give myself the perfect bouncy blowout. It’s also the perfect tool to use when I want to use velcro rollers and give myself a ’90s blowout. Another plus? If you have curly or textured hair, T3 has a diffuser attachment and a smoothing comb attachment, which I have personally tested and also love.

At $200, this blow dryer is definitely on the pricey side, but in my opinion, it’s worth every penny. Keeping my hair healthy and as undamaged as possible is a big priority for me, so I’m willing to put my money into products that help with that, and the Aireluxe is one of them.


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