The Sephora Collection x COACH Collaboration Is Almost Too Pretty To Use

The Sephora Collection x COACH Collaboration Is Almost Too Pretty To Use

February 27, 2021

The world of luxury fashion tends to be out of my reach, but that doesn’t mean I won’t jump at the chance to score some of my dream brands whenever possible. While wearing a full COACH set to strut down the street isn’t in my immediate future, I can’t wait to do up my face with Sephora Collection and COACH’s new collaboration. The two brands teamed up to create a ’70s-esque, limited-edition collection that’s totally out of sight and just what the disco cat on the go needs. It launches on Sephora’s website, in Sephora stores, in COACH stores, and on the COACH website on March 2.

The line includes three palettes, a nail set, four lip glosses, eye patches, a brush set, and more, all with packaging you’ll want to proudly display on your dresser or counter. COACH’s iconic Tea Rose imagery was clearly a major influence throughout the collaboration. From the colors to ingredients, the symbol of the COACH consumer’s wild spirit runs rampant in all the products in different ways.

COACH and Sephora Collection are also introducing a few mascots with this drop: Rexy, Sharky, and Uni are about to be your new favorites. Rexy, a T-rex-shaped eyeshadow palette, and Sharky, a shark-shaped eyeshadow palette, both contain six pans of metallics, mattes, and shimmers shades. Rexy veers slightly neutral in terms of color palette, whereas Sharky features more playful colors. On the other hand, Uni the Unicorn palette boasts three pans of highlighter to take your glow to mythical levels. Perhaps the best part of these palettes is that they double as keychains, meaning you can decorate your keys, purse, or roller skates with your favorite makeup. Each retails for $38.

When it comes to lip gloss, it’s high-shine or bust, at least for me. I want my lips to be so shiny, they’re practically reflective enough to go biking at night without a light. (But, uh, don’t try that at home.) COACH and Sephora Collection are bringing that reflective shine with the collection’s four new lip glosses. For $36, this formula glides on easily and won’t give you that annoying sticky feeling.

Once you have your face makeup on, the $16 Tea Rose Eye Set will refresh and take all your tension away once you take everything off at the end of the day. These eye masks are made with rose oil and cucumber extract to soothe both the skin around your eyes and your senses. Besides, who doesn’t love a mask at the end of the day to make everything feel OK?

The COACH x Sephora Collection brushes and their stand are everything I didn’t know I needed. The vintage style of the stand mixed with the glitz of the sparkling brushes instantly makes these beauties double as the coolest apartment decor. I don’t know if I could ever even use them, they’re so pretty. Each brush was made with vegan bristles and has a different shape designed for every part of your beauty routine. You can also accessorize your brushes with Sharky, Rexy, and Uni adjustable rings, although you may want to keep those for your fingers. The brushes, stand, and rings all ring (heh) up for $68.

Last, but certainly not least, in the COACH x Sephora collection is the Tea Rose Nail Set. It comes with a soft pink polish, a base and top coat, and a few nail stickers depicting COACH mascots. You’ll be able to pull off so many creative nail looks with this $18 set.

Head to on March 2 for a chance to snag a collection so pretty, you won’t be able to stop looking at it.

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