The Best Pet Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

The Best Pet Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

January 16, 2021

You know how exciting it is to receive a subscription box full of clothes or makeup every month? Extend that happiness to your furry friend (and save yourself a trip to the pet store) with a fun toy- and treat-filled pet food subscription box.

Because every cat and dog is different, so is every pet subscription box — although many of them have similar names. Contents range from pet food to cat and dog toys to healthy treats to training gear to skincare products, and you can choose from one-time, monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions. 

Whether you’re in the market for a dog subscription box to spoil your own pup or want a fitting gift for your cat lady friend, there’s an option that will satisfy the animals and their humans.

Below, the best pet subscription boxes for your best friend’s needs.

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