Sam Asghari’s Diet Is Even More Wholesome Than His Relationship With Britney Spears

Sam Asghari’s Diet Is Even More Wholesome Than His Relationship With Britney Spears

August 12, 2021

Teenaged Sam Asghari pushed through a lot of adversity living in L.A. and faced with the reality of long work hours and low funds. The 6-foot-2 ex-college football player continued unhealthy eating habits after losing his chance at a scholarship, eventually weighing in at 290 lbs. But since the six-month period where he dropped 100 pounds, his life changed dramatically, thanks to his superhero-like physique. The actor stopped by Men’s Health to share what he eats throughout the day to maintain that healthy lifestyle.

“My diet starts with eating things that are grown from the ground rather than processed foods,” Asghari started with.

His days start around 7 a.m. as he gets ready for a cardio workout from 8-9 before eating anything. Usually, the first meal of the day is high in protein. An example of that might be four to five eggs with some vegetables on the side. No carbs for Asghari in the morning, period. He keeps lunch pretty small, too, with a balanced combination of 25% carbs, 25% vegetables, and 50% protein.

After lunch, the actor’s afternoons typically consist of high-impact or high-cardio training exercises which he follows up with a protein shake. Throughout the rest of the day, Asghari repeats the same meals as long as they have the same nutrient proportions as lunch. Much of his knowledge on maintaining a healthy lifestyle came from his earlier decision to sign up for the Gold’s Gym Smart Nutrition course and teach himself through YouTube videos. He’s got it all figured out when it comes to supplements as well.

“I try to focus on fatty acids, omega-3s, fish oils, and multivitamins,” Asghari said. “These are vitamins that help you with functionality of not just your body, but also your brain.”

Many don’t know this, but Asghari was actually a chef at one point in his life, so he can appreciate a cheat day once a week too. A go-to of his on a cheat day is a classic burger and fries combo. But, he doesn’t like to make cheat meals a habit.

“I try to keep my discipline when it comes to my diet,” Asghari said. “I’ll be very healthy for 95% of my diet regime then I allow myself, for that 5%, to have the foods I desire.”

His consistency and discipline in his diet has earned him a world of success in modeling gigs, TV commercials, and music video appearances. It was working on set with Britney Spears for her music video to ‘Slumber Party’ that sparked the relationship between the two that continues today. Having a history like his makes him a strong advocate for fitness and health to his supporters today. You can follow his fitness Instagram account to see his exclusive workout and nutrition content.

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