Christie Brinkley Looks Less Than Half Her Age, 64, In Sexy Bikini & Reveals Skin Secrets

Christie Brinkley Looks Less Than Half Her Age, 64, In Sexy Bikini & Reveals Skin Secrets

January 11, 2019

Christie Brinkley has done it again! The model – who turns 65 on Feb. 2 – looks fab in a new pic as she rocks a bikini and flaunts her ageless looks.

Christie Brinkley, 64, wowed her Instagram fans on Jan. 10 by sharing a photo of herself living her best life, in a skimpy bikini at a tropical location. And, as per usual, the model looks decades younger than her age. Not only does the skin on her face look healthy, with few wrinkles, her whole body – including her abs and cleavage – is hydrated and supple. If she has any crepey skin, dark circles or age spots, we can’t see them!

So, what’s the Uptown Girl’s secret? While she has admitted to taking advantage of non-surgical anti-ageing procedures in the past, Christie credits her youthful glow to two things – nutrition and her skincare regime. The mom-of-three captioned her Instagram photo by writing, “Dive on in over at @brinkleybeauty and explore all the amazing #allnatural award-winning ingredients that our #authenticbeautyskincare line can offer you!!!” Over on her Brinkley Beauty Instagram page, the blonde shared the same photo and revealed the “all natural” ingredients in her “eco-friendly” line, which include “mitostime from brown algae.” She claims “restores your natural youthful appearance and rejuvenates” your skin.

On her website, Christie boasts that her skincare line includes Recapture 360 Day and Recapture 360 Night products, which make up part of an “anti-aging activation system” that helps your skin to turn back the clock and help you look “years younger.” “I think every woman should experience that feeling of looking in the mirror and seeing themselves look years younger,” she says. Over on her Instagram and Brinkley Beauty pages, Christie’s fans seem to fully approve of whatever she’s doing to look ageless.

One fan gushed about the model and her 20-year-old daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook. “Seriously, you don’t age!” the follower wrote. “You could be Sailor’s big sister!” Another person wrote, “Love your #skincare by @christiebrinkley.” While one fan kept the compliment very simple, by writing, “Christie, you are a lovely soul inside and out!”

Well, one of her Instagram posts does say, “An attitude of gratitude keeps you happy, and happiness is youthful.” It clearly seems to be working for her!

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