7 of The Best Sustainable Sheet Masks

7 of The Best Sustainable Sheet Masks

April 7, 2021

Some bad news: your beauty routine is probably negativelyimpacting the environment.

In 2018, almost 7.9 billion units of rigid plastic was created in the U.S. just for beauty and personal care products alone. It might come off as fear-mongering, but the reality is that if you regularly use any beauty products, you're contributing to the planet's environmental crisis.

Fortunately, the beauty industry is (slowly) waking up and swapping single-use packaging for refillable jars and bottles, along with creating sustainable alternatives to one-and-done products like makeup wipes and sheet masks that end up in landfills.

As far as sheet masks go, there are more and more compostable and reusable options popping up on the market that cater to every skin type and concern, from anti-aging to brightening. Ahead, we've rounded up seven of our favorite sustainable sheet masks.

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Dieux Forever Eye Mask

Best Sustainable Sheet Masks

When you add these reusable silicone eye patches to your cart, you're entering into a long-term relationship. In Dieux's testing, the eye patches lasted one full year before the logo started fading with with daily application. Use them with your favorite serums, gels, and creams for your current skin needs for maximum absorption.

To shop: $25; dieuxskin.com

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Facial Barrier Mask

Best Sustainable Sheet Masks

Thanks to a moisturizing blend of peptides and ceramides, this skin barrier-supporting mask is great for soothing dry, sensitized skin. It's made of 100% biodegradable bamboo-derived cellulose material.

To shop: $6; sephora.com

Pixi Vitamin C Sheet Mask

Best Sustainable Sheet Masks

After spending so much time inside this past year, your skin deserves a little glow up. Pixi's radiance-boosting sheet mask is just the skincare recipe you're looking for. The micro-fiber mask's serum is infused with vitamin C, caffeine, and ferulic acid to brighten, de-puff, promote collagen production, and provide antioxidant protection.

To shop: $10 for 3; pixibeauty.com

Loops Super Hydrating Lip Mask

Best Sustainable Sheet Masks

If wearing face masks during the pandemic has made your lips more dry and chapped, you need this product. These treatment masks are packed with aloe vera, bioduoferm, jojoba seed extract, and a flower complex to hydrate, soothe, and plump lips. Treat the compostable hydrogel mask as a heavy-duty moisturizing treatment or the pre-game to your favorite lipstick.

To shop: $20/5; loopsbeauty.com

Innisfree Tea Tree Purifying My Real Squeeze Mask in Tea Tree

Best Sustainable Sheet Masks

At just $2 a pop, you don't need to justify stocking up on these Innisfree masks in a handful of flavors. Along with hydrating, refreshing, brightening, and clarifying options, there's this tea tree-based purifying mask, perfect for clearing the junk that's clogging your pores and contributing to maskne.

To shop: $2; usinnisfree.com

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask

Best Sustainable Sheet Masks

Formulated with plant stem cells and babassu oil, this biodegradable sheet mask by The Body Shop is meant to smooth, plump, and refresh skin.

To shop: $9; amazon.com

Honest Beauty Reusable Magic Mask

Best Sustainable Sheet Masks

The Choose Your Own Adventure of face masks, Honest Beauty's reusable silicone mask can be paired with your go-to serum or moisturizer for your skin type or current focus of your skincare routine. Simply apply the product, seal it in with the mask, and let it sit for 30 minutes — just make sure you rinse and completely dry it before storing it away.

To shop: $15; honest.com

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