Teenage boys told pal 'we're not coming in today' in chilling final message just minutes before they died in 'serious incident' at Sheffield house

Teenage boys told pal 'we're not coming in today' in chilling final message just minutes before they died in 'serious incident' at Sheffield house

May 24, 2019 By mediabest

TWO teen boys told a friend "we're not coming to school today" just minutes before they died at a house in Sheffield today.

The boys, aged 13 and 14, died and another four children, including a baby, were injured after the "major incident" this morning.

The teens alerted a pal with a message on a Nintendo Switch console just 30 minutes before police were called to the house at 7.30am, his sister said.

The 23-year-old carer told The Sun Online the boys messaged their school friend, saying: "We're not coming to school today because we're feeling sick."

Soon after they sent the message, South Yorkshire Police rushed to the home – with terrified neighbours recounting how one boy was taken away on a stretcher as paramedics frantically tried to resuscitate him.

The four other children, aged 11-years-old, 10-years-old, three-years-old and seven-months-old, wept as they were rushed from the home in bandages.

A 34-year-old woman and man, 37, have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The carer added: "It’s dreadful and totally shocking and I really can’t believe what’s happened."


One of the other lads was brought out on a stretcher and was being resuscitated

The boys were at the same school as her 13-year-old brother and neighbour – with the community today left reeling after the tragedy.

The cause of death for the two boys has not yet been established, with a post-mortem examination to be carried out over the next few days.

South Yorkshire Police today said the four surviving children were "conscious" with non-life threatening injuries.

Speaking at the scene, Superintendent Paul McCurry said the children were being given "the necessary care that they need".

He added: "They will be in hospital for certainly the next few hours."

But he said despite extra officers being put on the beat to patrol the streets over the weekend, there was "no wider risk" to safety.

The family of the victims has been informed and are receiving support from specially trained officers.

Forensic police remain at the scene, and are expected to remain there for some time.

Photographs of the home's backyard today showed rubbish piled in the corner, along with a swing set and trampoline.

Police have denied online rumours the incident was a shooting but their deaths remain a mystery.

Locals have expressed their shock, describing it as "heartbreaking".

A neighbour said they saw the two youngest taken from the home, saying they were "fine although very upset".

They added: "Then the two youngest boys walked out and they also seemed okay. But then one of the other lads was brought out on a stretcher and was being resuscitated."

A 41-year-old mother-of-three, who has lived at the address for 12 years, said police had told her it was possibly domestic-related.

She said: "They came to the door and just asked if I knew the people, did I hear anything through the night.

"I don't really socialise with my neighbours but it's a fairly quiet street. It's the last thing you expect to wake up to."

Another resident described how paramedics and ambulances were "swarming the home".

A 29-year-old local told how neighbours reacted with shock as children were brought out from the property and into waiting ambulances.

Speaking outside his home, Aaron said: "Suddenly we had about 20 police cars and four ambulances. We had 15 directly on the street outside and five more further down. "Then the air ambulance came. They were just taking children away.

"We saw the first two ambulances take away children."

MP Gill Furniss says Shiregreen has been "deeply shaken" by the tragedy.

She said: "I am deeply saddened by the tragic incident today in my constituency. My deepest sympathies are with the loved ones of the children who have lost their lives and also with those who are currently in the care of Sheffield Children's Hospital.

"Shiregreen is a strong community but I know the whole area Is deeply shaken by what has happened here. I would like to thank hardworking South Yorkshire Police and the NHS staff for their response in such a difficult situation."

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