London taxi driver ends row with passenger by slamming on the brakes

London taxi driver ends row with passenger by slamming on the brakes

May 20, 2019 By mediabest

London taxi driver ends row with passenger by slamming on the brakes – knocking his furious fare senseless before he dumps him on the pavement

  • Footage shows man shouting abuse at the cab driver over the route he’s taken
  • Passenger is then hurled forward as the driver brakes and ends up on the floor
  • Cabbie then dumps him on the street and picks up another passenger 
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An abusive taxi passenger ended up sitting on the pavement with a sore head when he came off worse from a row with the driver.

The footage, which was filmed in central London in the early hours of Friday, shows the passenger shouting and swearing at the cabbie as they argue over the route he’s taken.

The driver then slams on the brakes, causing the passenger, who is not wearing a seat-belt to fly forward into the glass partition between the two sections of the cab.

The cabbie is then seen walking around and opening the door, as he apparently drags the yob onto the pavement. As the car drives off, the passenger is seen sitting on the street, nursing his head.

This is the moment an abusive cab passenger was thrown forward into the partition after a blazing row with the driver

The taxi driver’s mood quickly changes as a less aggressive passenger gets in, responding to his request to go to Euston with: ‘Yeah, alright mate.’

The video has been shared more than 3,500 times on Facebook, where some cite it as an example of why people should not start shouting at cab drivers.

Many said the passenger got what what he deserved after being so abusive to the driver. 

Other viewers however branded the driver irresponsible, saying his actions were tantamount to assault and he should lose his licence.

The footage shows the passenger ranting at the driver as they argue over the route he’s taken

After the man is thrown forward, he disappears from view, and the driver appears to drag him out of the car and onto the pavement

As the cab pulls away with a new passenger, the previous passenger is visible on the pavement


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