Q&A: Children’s TV presenter Jimmy Giggle

Q&A: Children’s TV presenter Jimmy Giggle

December 26, 2018 By mediabest

What is the true meaning of New Year's Eve?

It's a celebration of the year, it all winds up, we've had the crazy Christmas period, and it's a good time to reflect on a year – they go so quickly these days, it feels like. A lot of people make New Year's resolutions and for them it's like wiping the slate clean I guess. Start afresh and approach the year with a new mantra.

Jimmy Giggle.

Have you made any New Year's resolutions?

Not really – I've got twins due in February, so …

Really? My twins are turning 10 in February.

Are they? Classic. So you'll know all the kind of busy that we'll be experiencing, I guess.

Yes, I'm familiar with the dread.

So I guess the New Year's resolution is to be as calm as possible.

What can we expect from you on the televised portion of New Year's Eve?

In the lead-up to the family fireworks, the kids will kind of take over the main channel, and we do all the big New Year's Eve celebrations. There's going to be the Early Night Show, which is hosted by Hoot, and Rove will be there too. Then Grace Koh and I will be down at the Opera House and the Botanic Gardens, and we'll be bringing the family version of the New Year fireworks from 8.30pm till 9pm. We've got the winner of the Design Your Own Firework competition, and they'll be seeing their firework explode in the sky. They get to set them off as well. It's gonna be fun.

And will you be in your pyjamas for that?

I've got my special New Year's Eve Jimmy Giggle tuxedo. To be honest I just turn up and they dress me.

This is a bit of a showbiz gossip question, but tell me, do you and Hoot have a lot of backstage fights and power struggles?

Well he just likes everything to be blue, so he likes every piece of catering to be blue.

So you've got to pick out the brown M&Ms.

We've gotta pick them all out, yeah. And a lot of mirrors – he likes looking at himself. He knows there's another bird there, and he knows it's him, and he loves it.

As a major celebrity, do you often get mobbed in public? I know the mobs would only come up to your waist…

It's funny, it's only the parents who spot me, because I'm not dressed in one of the two very distinctive outfits I wear: the bright yellow pyjamas with the owls on them, and the orange-purple-jeans scenario. So kids don't often recognise me, it's mainly the parents. And then the parents go, oh look it's Jimmy Giggle, and their kid's like, I don't believe you.

ABC's New Year's Eve coverage starts at 8.30pm.

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