A video reveals how face masks evolved the last 100 years

Would YOU smear your face in butter to get better skin? Fascinating video reveals the very BIZARRE face mask formulas used over the last 100 years, from strips of steak to papier mache

  • Allure created a video to chart the evolution of the face mask since early 1900s
  • The video revealed how people would cut slabs of meat in the 1920s and wear it overnight to improve swelling and bruising
  • Another popular treatment was a papier-mache mask that covered the face
  • In the 1970s, avocados and honey were popular ingredients among hippies
  • These ingredients have since made a comeback in the beauty industry
  • The face mask industry is estimated to be worth $10.5 million in the US by 2026 

The face mask industry has boomed in recent years with people seeking a variety of products to target wrinkles, provide a boost of hydration, and help with hyperpigmentation. 

A recent report by Persistence Market Research found the face mask industry has been so lucrative that it is expected to grow to an astounding $10.5 million in sales annually in the United States by the year 2026. 

In a video created by Allure, the publication broke down the evolution of face masks in the last 100 years and how it brought the industry to where it is today. 

The beginning: Allure broke down the evolution of face masks since the early 1900s, which first saw the product created from powder, creams and rose water 

Interesting: The 1920s saw the introduction of the papier-mache mask, which was supposed to help rejuvenate the cells in the skin

Strange: The 1930s saw the introduction of a DIY red meat face mask, which was meant to help with swelling and puffiness if worn overnight 

The video starts in the early 1900s were it explains how the use of cold cream, powder or rose water for face masks is common for women of the decade. The leave-on masks reportedly were to help with sunburns and freckles. 

Throwback: It was popular to slather the face with ointments and then wrap it (as pictured) during the 1930s to the 1950s

Rose water has made a comeback in the recent decade, but it was originally toted as essential in the early 1900s.  

In the 1920s, a papier-mache mask created by Elizabeth Arden became popular where people would wrap themselves in the item to completely cover the skin area. 

To make the mask even more bizarre, there was tin foil lining on the inside of the mask for electricity to run through. It was believed to help brighten the appearance of the skin and rejuvenate the cells. 

Ingredients found in the kitchen became popular in the 1930s where women would place egg whites, oatmeal, butter and milk on their face in a DIY paste. 

But most bizarrely, thin slices of red meat were advised to be cut into a mask and placed over the eye area overnight. This was said to help reducing puffiness and swelling, similar to someone using meat to help with a black eye. 

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Glamorous: Actresses in the 1940s enjoyed using a frozen mask outfitted with water-filled plastic cubes to help after a day of filming under hot lights 

Priorities: The 1950s saw the introduction of face masks for men from multiple beauty companies 

Revealed: It became popular in the 1970s to use natural ingredients, such as honey and eggs

Later in the video, it was revealed that actresses in the 1940s used a mask entitled Hangover Heaven to help cool the face in between takes. 

The frozen mask was adorned with water-filled cubes and then placed directly on the skin. 

In the 1950s, beauty companies finally turned focus towards men and created face masks they could also use to improve their own complexions. Marketing was previously focused only towards women.  

Chicken embryos also first became popular in France during this decade before moving to the US as a way to improve laugh lines and wrinkles, Allure reports. 

Interesting: The 1980s saw the introduction of the peel-off mask to remove debris from pores 

Never forget! Proactive, a popular acne skin care brand, first launched in the early 2000s with celebrities promoting the products. Pictured is a commercial with Jessica Simpson

One for everyone! The face mask industry is more lucrative than ever these days with the release of a plethora of sheet masks

What the publication noticed was that ingredients that are currently making a comeback for skin care today — such as avocados and honey — were also used in skin care in the 1970s by hippies who wanted a natural option for their routine. 

Fancy: Beauty companies work constantly to come up with innovative face mask ideas to draw in customers, such as this gold mask 

The popularity of face masks continued to grow into the 1980s where multiple brands came out with peel-off masks to clean out pores and target skin texture. 

Acids — such as glycolic and lactic — were allowed in products starting in the 1990s with promises to help smooth skin and improve overall texture. This decade also saw the introduction of the gel mask over the eyes, which is still popular today. 

Then Allure revealed that the early 2000s was when Proactive rose into popularity with the help of celebrities endorsing the acne solution. The brand’s acne mask was a huge selling point because it promised to clear any unwanted blemishes. 

This decade also saw the introduction of sheet masks, which would continue to grow into popularity until today. 

Finally, the 2010s have brought a plethora of options for anyone’s skin care needs with the technology growing to include light therapy, magnetic, and sheet masks.  

The industry has also seen ingredients coming back into style with the rise of manuka honey, avocado and rose water in products. 

But here’s to hoping the meat mask never comes back in style.  

If butter and meat isn’t your thing – try one of FEMAIL’s favorite masks

Soothe and refresh: Glow Recipe’s Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask (left, $45) is perhaps the closest you will come to the face mask formulas of old thanks to its foodie ingredients like avocado and honey. The mask works on all skin types to boost hydration and provide your complexion with a much-needed pick-me-up. Then there’s the Algenist Alive Prebiotic Balancing Mask (right, $38), which targets issues resulting from ‘unbalanced surface skin bacteria’. In other words, it helps to rid your complexion of any unwanted bacteria, while bringing back some much-needed balance and calm to your face. 

Boost and brighten: Honestly, don’t we all want our faces to look radiant? Well that’s where these masks come in. Both the Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask (left, $68) and the Eve Lom Radiance Transforming Mask (right, $90) are at the pricier end of the scale, but they really are worth that extra few dollars you have to spend to get hold of them. The Eve Lom option relies on antioxidant rich botanical oil and plant-derived amino acid in order to plump up the skin, helping it to look youthful and fresh, while the Tatcha formula contains Japanese beautyberry, two types of vitamin C, and AHAs from seven fruits to leave the skin looking smooth and bright. 

Resurface and restore: The Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial (left, $80) might be one of the weirdest names on this list, but the mask is also one of the most wonderful. Just one weekly use of this mask will leave your skin feeling smoother and softer within no time – and if you follow it up with the moisture-boosting Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask (right, $48), your face will look and feel like new. 

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Sophia Ali Offset video vanishes from the internet

In the wake of Cardi B’s divorce announcement, a new video featuring rapper Offset surfaced — and it appears that the alleged threesome he was trying to set up with Cuban Doll isn’t the only incident Cardi has to be upset about.

The latest video to pop up features both Offset and Quavo from Migos along with Australian model Sophia Ali, who is seen teasingly exposing her breasts to the two rappers.

The video has seemingly vanished from the internet nearly as fast as it surfaced. There are some reporting not to post it on social media, as the Sophia Ali-Offset video is being removed quickly and has not been allowed to circulate like some unauthorized celebrity photos and videos have done in the past.

Sophia Ali has already confirmed that she was the woman in the video and even told The Daily Mail that she is “horrified” by the leak. She goes further to deny that she even knew the footage had been taken and that she was very intoxicated at the time that it was filmed.

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Morning Glow

A post shared by @ sophia_alia_ on

The Sophia Ali video was reportedly filmed by Offset and made its way to the internet just hours after Cardi B told the world that she and Offset were headed for divorce. The NSFW video was said to have been revealed after the Migos rapper’s iCloud account was hacked.

The video was said to have been recorded after Migos performed at Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. This means that the footage was recorded in October 2017, just after Cardi B and Offset got married.

It was shared on Twitter on Tuesday and racked up around a million views by Thursday. Now, the video is nowhere to be found and lawyers are reportedly working to make sure it stays that way.

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XXXTentacion’s video for posthumous single with Kanye West ‘One Minute’ released as fans lap up new album Skins

Created by Adult Swim animator JJ Villard, the new video resembles a nightmarish fairytale while the song is featured on the rapper’s posthumous album Skins.

XXX was shot as he drove away from a motorbike showroom in Deerfield Beach, Florida, on June 18.

The 20-year-old was rushed to hospital where he was declared dead.

Skins, which dropped last night, is the late-musician’s third studio album – and the first full-length posthumous release.

Kanye paid tribute to XXX following his murder, tweeting: “I never told you how much you inspired me when you were here, thank you for existing."

He expressed regret at not publicly supporting the young rapper while was awaiting trial for domestic violence.

But Kanye appears to reference the charges in One Minute.

He says: “Now your name is tainted, by the claims they paintin'.

“The defendant is guilty, no one blames the plaintiff.

“Gotta say it in Layman’s terms, while you wait on arraignments.

“Cause if the jury say you did it, the payment is heinous.”

The album release party was held last night in Miami, Florida, and included performances by Kanye, Trippie Redd, Ski Mask the Slump God and PnB Rock.

Who killed XXXTentacion?

Four men have been charged with the murder of the rapper who real name was Jahseh Onfroy.

The Broward County Sheriff named them as Dedrick Williams, Michael Boatwright and Robert Allen, all 22, and 20-year-old Trayvon Newsome.

Two of the men – Williams and Boatwright – have been arrested but Newsome and Allen were still at large when the charges were announced.

All four men have been charged with first-degree murder with a firearm and armed robbery.

Detective John Cucio said the men were armed and had "demanded property" from the rapper.


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Irish girl, four, cries when told she’ll spend Christmas homeless

‘I have nowhere to stay, we have nowhere else’: Heartbreaking video of four-year-old girl crying after being told she will spend a third Christmas homeless shows reality of Ireland’s housing crisis

  • Leanne Dunleavy, 30, and daughter Poppy, four, from Dublin, are homeless
  • They have been in emergency accommodation and shelters for two years 
  • She filmed Poppy crying when she is told they won’t have a house for Christmas
  • Heartbreaking video sees young girl sobbing and saying  ‘I have nowhere to stay’

A video of a little girl sobbing after being told she has to spend her third Christmas in a hostel has highlighted the plight of the many young victims of Ireland’s housing crisis.

The footage shows Poppy, four, sitting on a bed in a hostel in Dublin, Ireland, crying over not having ‘anywhere to stay’ this Christmas.  

Poppy and her mother Leanne Dunleavy, 30, have been in and out of homeless shelters for the past two years. 

Homeless: The heartbreaking video of little Poppy, four, was filmed by her mother Leanne Dunleavy, 30, from Dublin, Ireland, who has been homeless for the past two years

Ms Dunleavy, a hair stylist, says they became homeless due to unforeseen circumstances and that she does not expect her situation to change anytime soon. 

Her video has racked up more than 167,000 views on Facebook, with many people blaming the Irish Government for Ms Dunleavy’s situation.   

One Facebook user wrote: ‘Poor child everyone needs to get out and march, bring this country to a stand still, that’s what needs to happen.’  

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Another said: ‘Utterly heartbreaking to watch, this country is a bloody disgrace.’  

The short clip shows Poppy distraught with red puffy cheeks and tears streaming down her face.

Ms Dunleavy is heard asking her why she is upset, to which a crying Poppy replies: ‘Because I have nowhere to stay, because we have nowhere else.’

Heartbreaking: Little Poppy is seen crying having been told she will be spending a third Christmas without a home 

One of many: Poppy is one of more than 3,700 children who are currently homeless and living in emergency accommodation in Ireland

Tragic: Ms Dunleavy, a hair stylist, says her and Poppy became homeless due to unforeseen circumstances and that she does not expect her situation to change anytime soon.


Some 10,000 people are homeless in Ireland, including more than 3,800 children, the latest official figures show, a number which has trebled in the past four years.

A 300 million euro affordable housing package has been allocated in this year’s budget, but the government has been criticised for not acting fast enough. 

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar defended his government’s record, pointing to nearly 20,000 new homes expected to be built before 2019.

‘There are limiting factors. There’s only so much concrete, only so many service sites, only so many construction workers. We’re ramping up things as quickly as we can,’ he said.

While Ireland was left with a surplus of houses after a property crash in 2008, it has come nowhere near providing the number needed to keep up with a rapid economic recovery, with rents in Dublin almost 20 per cent above their pre-crisis peak.

While rising, supply is still short of the 35,000 new builds analysts say are needed annually just to keep up with demand.

Ms Dunleavy then replies by asking how does that make you feel, to which little Poppy replies with ‘sad’.

Trying to make her daughter feel better, Ms Dunleavy insists: ‘But we’re going to be together.’

However, Poppy is still in bits, and cries out that she misses her old dog ‘Milly’.

Ms Dunleavy, again tries to reassure her child by saying; ‘When we get a new house we’ll get a new dog’.

‘I don’t want to get a new dog’ cries out Poppy before her mother replies says: ‘We’ll get a new house though won’t we.’

Poppy then cries further before asking: ‘Can I get a new dog?’

Speaking today, Ms Dunleavy said no child should have to suffer homelessness, as Poppy prepares for her third homeless Christmas.

She said: ‘I just wanted to show the government how it’s not only the parents that suffer because we get on with it.

‘It’s tearing the children apart, no child should be spending Christmas for the third time in homeless accommodation and by the looks of things it will probably be a fourth Christmas next year.  

‘Loads of lovely people have contacted me and a lot of women that are in the same situation and other people that used to be in the same situation.’  

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Chris Watts Arrest Video Exposed! Watch Colorado Killer Get Cuffed After Confession

Just moments after cold-blooded killer Chris Watts confessed to his father and authorities about the gruesome murder of his family, he was placed in a belly chain, cuffed and transported to Weld County Jail, as shown in a video exclusively obtained by RadarOnline.com.

“I’m going to have you face the wall,” an officer said to Watts as he began the process in the police video.

“Lift up your hands,” he told the 33-year-old who had killed his wife, Shanann, 34, and two daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3.

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“Face me,” the officer said as Watts turned around. A leather belt was placed around his waist and the metal handcuffs were attached to the belt.

“You don’t have anything on you,” the officer asked in the video obtained by Radar.

“Anything in your pockets?” Watts said no.

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The police officer gave Watts a full body pat down, telling the confessed killer: “Spread your legs.”

The officer also asked Watts if he was wearing “earrings, necklaces, anything like that?” and was told no.

Watts was filmed walking into the garage and sitting down in the backseat of a police SUV. The officer buckled him in and closed the door.

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As Radar previously reported, Frederick Police Department responded to Watts’ neighbor’s home on the day the cold-blooded killer reported his family missing, where he saw firsthand the infamous surveillance of himself holding a red gas container and driving off in the truck that was carrying the bodies of his family.

The demented murderer brutally strangled his pregnant wife and smothered his two daughters in their home. He dumped the little girls’ bodies in oil tanks and dug a shallow grave for Shanann during the early morning hours of Aug. 13.

Watts was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole for the gruesome murders.

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