Sweden's Tiny, Grumpy Prince Is A Whole Mood

Sweden's Tiny, Grumpy Prince Is A Whole Mood

March 14, 2019 By mediabest

I'm sure many of us believe that if we were lucky enough to be members of a royal family, oh, it would be sunshine and rainbows all day. There would be nothing to frown about, ever, at all. But a toddler is a toddler, royal or not, and Sweden's prince Oscar, who is three years old, was feeling a little grouchy on Wednesday, and the pictures are a whole mood. He and his family, Crown Princess Victoria, Crown Prince Daniel and 7-year-old Princess Estelle, appeared outside the Royal Palace in Stockholm for his mother's Name Day, per People.

Name days, it's helpful to note, are unrelated to birthdays. Similar to Saints' Feast Days, Swedish Name Days are celebrated according to a calendar that assigns (almost) every day of the year to a name. Crown Princess Victoria's birthday is in the summer, but since the name day for "Victoria" is in March, there's a celebration then, as well. You can find your own name (if it's a common Swedish name, that is), on the calendar here. (Mine is November 19, please send gifts).

Oscar and Estelle both bundled up against the cold with mittens, hats and boots, and wore monochrome ensembles; hers pink, his dark blue. But while Estelle smiled for the cameras instead of squinting against the light, and played along when her mom showed her flowers, Oscar was having none of it. He is a very serious three year old thinking very serious things about very serious matters, and he cannot be bothered with this frivolity. He must return to his studies at once. There is much to be done! His pouting is nothing short of adorable:

Oh, and he did smile briefly, and it was adorable:

Props to Estelle for being a team player and a good big sis. According to Royal Central, "Estelle was seen hugging her brother and rubbing his shoulders trying to keep him warm."

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