Royal family’s Twitter account confuses with bizarre quiz questions

Royal family’s Twitter account confuses with bizarre quiz questions

January 31, 2019 By mediabest

‘Has one been hacked?!’ Royal family’s Twitter account leaves followers VERY confused by posting bizarre quiz questions on fungi, toilet cisterns and the alphabet

  • @royalfamily has 3.86m followers on Twitter, and last night, many were confused
  • Account posted odd quiz questions, leaving some assuming it had been hacked 
  • One confused soul replied to the teasers: ‘I thought one had been drinking’ 
  • Posting in reverse order meant the context was lost: the questions actually marked an event held by Princess Anne to celebrate the pioneering women who took the first exams at the University of London in 1869 

Joining a conversation half way through can be baffling…as the Royal family’s 3.86million Twitter followers discovered last night. 

The official account of the Royal family, @royalfamily, which posts regularly updates about events the Windsors are attending, appeared to have taken on a whole new guise last night, as the trickiest of quiz hosts. 

Posting bizarre questions about funghi, redundant alphabet letters and even toilet-related maths teasers, the series of questions left many ‘baffled’ – and worried the royals had been hacked.  

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Context is everything: Many of the Royal family’s 3.86million Twitter followers were left utterly baffled after the official Twitter account posted a series of quiz questions including asking about redundant letters in the English alphabet and a toilet-related maths question

First up, was a question about mushrooms: ‘By what physiological peculiarities do Fungi differ from other plants?’

Shortly after, budding quizzers were asked a toilet-related maths question: ‘A cistern is fitted with three pipes, one of which will fill it in 48 minutes, the other in an hour, and the third in half an hour. How long will it take to fill the cistern when all three pipes are open together?’ 

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And finally, this teaser: ‘How many redundant letters are there in the English Alphabet? What would be the ideal of a perfect alphabet, and how far does the English Alphabet fall short of that ideal?’

Those who read the questions in reverse missed the introduction to the string of questions, which explained that nine ‘pioneering’ women were set an exam at the University of London featuring them, under Queen Victoria’s reign, in 1869.   

Last night, Princess Anne hosted an event at the university, inviting leading women from across the world to discuss equality, which sparked the posting of the questions. 

However, context is everything and may people were flummoxed by their appearance on the royal twitter account.  

@utopiakev wrote: ‘Have you been hacked?!’ 

@ECTraynor quipped: ‘Hang on! Someone at the Palace thinking of going into the plumbing business?’  

@mklipstx joked: ‘Who let Prince Phillip handle the Twitter account?’  

@Laughing__Heart added: ‘This looks like some kid is posting their homework to get us to tell the answers. Cheaters only cheat themselves kid.’

@ellen_hoj just enjoyed the brief interlude: ‘Love love love these new communications!’  

Princess Anne told those attending the reception at St James’ Palace: ‘Education has never been more relevant or necessary to advance knowledge and I am delighted to celebrate the role that women have played in that advancement over the last 150 years.’ 

The Royal family Twitter account, which has 3.86million followers across the globe, regularly updates on events and news about the extended Windsors.  Launched in April 2009, it celebrates its birthday, like the Queen, on April 21st.

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