Cash Me Outside’s Danielle Bregoli Signs $900,000 Makeup Deal — All The Details

Cash Me Outside’s Danielle Bregoli Signs $900,000 Makeup Deal — All The Details

January 16, 2019 By mediabest

‘Cash me outside’ girl is apparently cashing in on a brand new makeup endorsement! Danielle Bregoli reportedly secured at whopping $900,000K makeup deal with CopyCat beauty and the first photos are EPIC!

Cash her at the bank! Danielle Bregoli, 15, aka the “Cash me outside” — who made her claim to fame on Dr. Phil in 2017 — reportedly landed a $900,000 makeup deal with CopyCat Beauty! While the rapper has yet to confirm the deal, TMZ obtained stunning photos from what appears to be a makeup campaign of sorts. In the snaps, Bregoli, who has since taken on the rap moniker, Bhad Bhabie, is seen putting on lip gloss in a white tube top. Her red hair is pulled back in a ponytail in the presumed beauty promo, as her eyes glitter in white eyeshadow.

Bregoli reportedly signed a six-month deal with CopyCat Beauty, which will pay her a whopping $900,000 to promote its various beauty and makeup products. And, the “Hi Bich” rapper is also set to stack a percentage of the company’s sales, a source told the outlet. As for what she’s promoting? — Bregoli will reportedly endorse makeup palettes, eye glitter, eye essentials, lipstick, lip stain, face masks and brushes.

But, don’t expect the teen to become part of the Youtube vlogger world, putting out tutorials and all that stuff. — That’s apparently not part of her branding strategy. (We’re wondering if she took a page out of Kris Jenner‘s book). Instead, the source said Bregoli plans to integrate the beauty products into her social media posts and music videos.

Danielle Bregoli for CopyCat Beauty. (Photo credit: Courtesy of TMZ) 

And, if all goes well, she could be sitting pretty for a long time. If Bregoli’s endorsements rake in a massive profit during her reported six-month contract, she will allegedly be eligible to sign on for another three years with CopyCat Beauty… and get her own beauty line!

As mentioned, Bregoli has yet to fess up any details about the beauty deal. But, she did post a sultry snap from a mystery photoshoot on January 15th, with the caption, “I’m rich bich”. And, if the deal is legit, she will be one rich bich, indeed. She also posted a swipe-up link on her Instagram Story, directing fans to follow CopyCat Beauty on IG. So, it seems as though the ink dried on that contract.

Meanwhile, CopyCat Beauty didn’t waste any time promoting Bregoli in their products. The beauty brand posted a promo photo  of her wearing their Beach Glow Kit, which they say is compared to Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Sugar Glow Kit, but for $31 less.

While the pricey deal would be a great get for Bregoli, she’s not exactly counting her pennies these days. She recently signed a deal to become the new face of Snapchat, which is slated to add an estimated $1 million to her bank account. And, her hit single “Hi Bich” is now certified gold!

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